Heli Bergström
(Photo: Anna Dammert)

Welcome to my website!

You can find information on development programs for executives and coaches on this website.

I am an experienced leadership developer, executive coach, mentor of coaches, consultant of leaders of knowledge-intensive work and mentor of leaders in change. My core values are reliability, efficiency, and client orientation. I am the executive’s reliable partner even in tight situations. I help organizations to move to a more productive and efficient way of working, coaching executives, usually using executive coaching. I follow my client’s natural way of self-expression, strengthening their ideation process. I find out my client’s needs thoroughly before signing the contract and ensure that executive coaching is the right solution for my client’s needs.

In addition:

  • I commit to my client one hundred percent
  • I am looking to the future, not backwards
  • I have a versatile experience in different contexts
  • I succeed with my human-centered approach – a combination of business understanding and leadership
  • I operate based on practical experience, applying management theories, but I am not a theoretician
  • I have a realistic approach and understanding of the current changing operation environments
  • My coaching style is tough and challenges the client

Check out my services or contact me for additional information.

When you decide to invest in your development, I will give you a gift: a free 15-minute consultation. In the consultation, we will find out together what kind of development program is suitable for your needs, and we will explore the functionality of our possible cooperation.

Thank you for visiting my website! You are most obviously interested in coaching and training programs for executives, or you are a Coach and you are aiming for international certification and you need mentor coaching, or you want to strengthen your professional skills as a coach. If you want more information or a free consultation with me, please contact:

heli.bergstrom[at]gmail.com                               (replace ”[at]” with @)

Alternatively, you can contact me using the chat function in the lower right corner of the page. If the writing mode is not visible, click on my photo.

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