This is how my coaching clients have written about their experiences:

“I can honestly say that it is easy to rank Heli’s development program as one of the best and most meaningful development programs during my working career. This was greatly influenced by Heli and the development program she drew up. The training benefited the day-to-day work of supervisors and created a picture of supervisor work and management more broadly. Heli’s way of inspiring, encouraging, supporting, and finding a positive point of view, which nevertheless takes into account areas for development and recognizes challenges, is easily contagious and motivating. Heli has the skill to guide even in difficult situations to an approach that is constructive, developing and there is a feeling that she is able to keep the situation under control while creating a psychologically safe environment for the parties involved.
Personally, I think that without this kind of guiding development, organizations will miss out on a huge potential in the field of coaching culture. It would be good to offer such a program to every supervisor, and why not in a lighter form for other groups of people, where the idea is to promote self-direction, so I could see that this also has scaling potential. In addition to the fact that the program developed myself, I got to know the colleagues of my own organization better, and Peer Collaboration with its various work group and coaching exercises and dialogues was one of the program’s strengths. Based on this, we will probably continue with many, e.g., coaching each other. The program also developed a way of relating to, meeting and having a dialogue with different individuals in a way that respects and considers everyone – a way that considers the individual’s possibilities and strengths.”

Matti, Service Director, 2021

“Through various stages in my life, I had come to a state whose goal seemed unclear to me. I had challenges and hopes related to employment, but I did not recognize my own strengths well enough to be able to continue my job search. I applied for Heli Bergstrom’s coaching, where we defined the goals for our meetings together.
Heli’s versatile expertise in management training and HR expertise came to the fore when he coached me to identify and realistically define my work and study wishes. In the coaching meetings, supported by Heli, I managed to focus on identifying essential issues and set deadlines to move things forward. Our joint discussions and in-depth questions gave me the impetus to pursue dreams that I might have left unfulfilled without Heli’s support. With better self-knowledge and strengths, I dare to demand and expect more from myself now.
I can most warmly recommend Heli Bergstrom’s coaching to you who need support in matters related to your career or personal development.”

Reetta, 39 years

“In the fall of 2016, I did my last vocational teacher studies at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. I have worked as an entrepreneur in the field of horticulture for a long time and have worked as a trainer and examiner since 2010. In addition to my job, I coach two football teams. When my studies were coming to an end, I was offered the opportunity to get into personal coaching.
Acting as an entrepreneur and coach and mother of a family poses great challenges in terms of time management and I was in a situation where I could not structure what I wanted to do in the future and how much. How do I make this logistically impossible chaos work? In both “professions” I have educated myself, but football coaching as a profession would require a lot of additional education and my resources for additional education seemed impossible.
My first coaching meeting with Heli Bergstrom was in the early fall of 2016. I had imagined that I would see my own situation holistically and that all options had been reviewed, and I had no possibility to change my situation at that moment. However, I wanted a change in my situation. We met a total of four times during autumn 2016 and winter 2017. Already after our first meeting, I started to see my own situation more clearly and what opportunities I have. Heli didn’t give me ready-made answers to anything but put me to work. After each of our meetings, I had “assignments” and lots of questions for myself. I got good tools on how to clarify my own situation and what opportunities I have. So, I had been of the opinion that there would be no solution to the current situation. However, I wanted to do everything I was already doing and train more as a coach. I am currently completing a special degree in child coaching and a professional degree in sports. I’m doing what I dreamed of. Heli helped me see what possibilities I have and how I can reach my goal – even though I thought it was not possible.
I warmly recommend coaching. As I told, I thought I saw my own situation clearly and had gone through all the options, and I couldn’t find any more possibilities to change my situation. As an “outsider”, Heli saw the situation from a different perspective and helped me see what opportunities I have and how I can make my dreams come true. Thank you Heli.”

Miisa Uski, 44 years, entrepreneur, coach and mother

“During my studies, I had the opportunity for coaching with Heli Bergstrom acting as my coach. It was a lottery win for me. I studied to become a professional teacher and combining work, family and studies brought challenges. Conversations with Heli opened developing paths for the progress of my studies and for my views on being a mother and a manager. Through the discussions, I gained self-confidence to direct my career aspirations in a direction that suits me. I gained the courage to fulfill my wishes and proudly stand behind my decisions.
The meetings with Heli were very warm and I felt that I could talk about anything with confidence. After the discussions, I sometimes felt that we didn’t really discuss what we were talking about, but when the situations came up, I realized that this is what I was meant to end up with.
I feel that with the help of coaching I have gotten many things in my life in the right direction. I can look at different situations better from different points of view and handle related emotions more easily. The best thing was that in no matter did I get the so-called “right way to act”, only keys for my own reflection and comparison of alternatives.
I warmly recommend Heli as a coach and trainer. If at some point in my life I need a coach again, I will choose Heli. A big, beautiful, sincere thank you Heli. A rewarding year-long journey is now behind, and the goal has been achieved. Our conversations really gave me a lot, I feel like I’ve grown as a person.”

Johanna Lehtinen, 40 years, restaurant manager, Espoo

“I had the privilege of working with Heli Bergstrom during a period of a year. During this time, she acted as my coach, providing support and guidance through a series of organizational transformations. Her sound knowledge and experience of leading through change gave me the exact support (I needed) for implementing the new company structures in a dynamic environment. Heli has an ability to focus and show crystal clear thinking in complex circumstances. She has a great attitude with an entrepreneurial mindset, her commitment to achieve success is truly catching.
As a coach Heli is thorough; progressing with her is well-planned and targeted. She has the ability to create clarity from fragments of information and still let the mentee personally experience moments of innovation. I would truly recommend her to any leader looking for a coach with high standards and true self-leadership skills.”

Head of Organizational Development, 53 years, Nokia Networks, Helsinki Finland